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  • Maintain School Choice to all Wisconsin students and raise the family income limit to $100K.
  • Audit DPI in order find out what those 900 employees do, what programs they are providing, and lesson plans they are offering to our school districts.
  • Divide large school districts like MPS into smaller ones to increase competition, diffuse the power of union control and eliminate the need for a central office, and give their power back to the principals where it belongs. Failing schools can be more easily identified and fixed.
  • Require public schools to maintain in-person instruction. Virtual education is largely ineffective for younger children.
  • Eliminate standardized testing, which discriminates against minority and lower income kids.


  • We do not need more laws; we need to hold election officials personally responsible and unelected bureaucrats accountable for breaking laws that are already on the books. This means prosecutions and penalties!
  • Introduce term limits that would require elected officials statewide to serve no more than a total of 12 consecutive years in the same office.
  • Place oversight of the Wisconsin Election Commission under an elected official to force more accountability. This commission of unelected bureaucrats wields too much power over how our elections are carried out.
  • Our election process must also be audited to identify where election fraud existed and potential fraud possible. Fraud does exist and disenfranchises legal voters and discourages future voters from even going to the polls because they do not trust the system to count every legal vote accurately.


  • Pass a joint resolution to end Gov. Evers’ emergency orders and mandates, which have now gone unchallenged for nearly a year.
  • Reduce the length of time executive orders can be in force from 60 days to 30 days or seek legislative action to go longer.
  • Order hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities to allow close family members inside to see their loved ones, or the ability to take them out to a dinner at a favorite restaurant.
  • Stop the reprehensible practice of selling aborted baby parts to the highest bidder. I celebrate the endorsement of Pro-Life Wisconsin and am solidly PRO-LIFE.


  • Farmland preservation must be a priority. Look to Ag Corridors in Eastern states as a model.
  • Shrink state government involvement in agriculture as much as possible.
  • Oppose any legislation that would expand rule-making powers of unelected bureaucrats to dictate how farmers manage their operations.
  • Farmers are independent small businesspeople and want government out of their business. Being first generation off the farm myself, I want to listen to the agriculture and dairy communities and recognize them as some of the hardest working, freedom loving people in existence!

Don Pridemore on the issues (Video)

Hear from Don Pridemore in person as he discusses the issues in the following interviews.

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School Choice

I was the strongest supporter of the school choice program when it was first introduced, and I have strongly supported school choice ever since. It is a stellar example of how, when giving parents the choice to freely determine the best education for their children, they can work to provide the best results.  The choice program provides a better education with character building and responsibility built-in.

I have hired people who have come from alternative education programs and find them to be more mature with better communication skills and ready to be productive members of society.  For my competition for the 13th State Senate race to not even take the time to sign onto a resolution to support School Choice Week shows how out of touch he is with his own constituents.  We can do better.

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Pridemore 4 Senate, Randy Melchert, Treasurer
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